Conservation and youth education exhibition

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The 2022 Youth Conservation and Education Expo is dedicated to the memory of Dale Burk. Burk was a man of words. He was always ready to talk and talk about the things that mattered to him deeply, which included almost everything. The earth. The waters. All the animals. The forests. And he does not forget about humanity. There was a common thread in all these relationships that he always insisted on making explicit because it is what unites them all: ethics.

by Michael Howell

It’s time once again to celebrate the great outdoors! After a gap of a couple of years due to the pandemic, the Teller Wildlife Refuge is once again hosting a Youth Education and Conservation Expo. It’s a one-day event scheduled for Saturday, May 7, with nearly every nonprofit organization, local, state, and federal agency that has anything to do with conservation, wildlife, or outdoor recreation participating. .

The goal, according to Education Program Director Nicole Ballard, is to provide an interactive outdoor experience that provides youth with a conservation message, information about the organizations and agencies working to protect these values, and at the same time, engage them in safe, responsible, and fun activities. outdoor and wildlife-related recreation and conservation activities. The event is free and geared toward youth, but all ages are welcome. With dozens of booths around the Slack Barn, there will be lots to see, lots to learn and lots of fun.

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