Confessed shopaholic shares ‘great’ tip to stop impulse buying and save money

Alexandra Hourigan is a self-described shopaholic, but she’s come up with the perfect trick to stop buying stuff you don’t need, and it might help you too.

A woman holding a spinning top in a clothing store.
The woman said her trick prevents her from making impulse purchases (file photo)

A self-described “shopaholic” has come up with the perfect way to avoid making impulse purchases you don’t really need, saving money in the process.

Alexandra Hourigan shared the money-saving tip on her podcast, 2 Broke Chicks, where she explained that every time you find yourself picking something up in a store or looking at something online, you have a conversation with yourself about how much it costs.

The woman said she thinks about someone offering her the amount of money she’s thinking of spending, and if she’d rather take the cash than buy the item, then she knows she doesn’t really need it.

Alexandra, who is from Australia, said in the podcast clip: “If you see, for example, an iPhone case that you really want and this iPhone case is $25, and I turn to you and say, ‘Okay, you can take phone case or I’ll give you $25 cash.’

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