Collins: Legislature takes decisive action on education

By State Representative Terri Collins

Often lost among the more provocative and controversial bills that generate headlines and buzz during legislative sessions are strong policy measures designed to address problems long endemic to state government.

As Chairman of the House Education Policy Committee, I can attest that we passed more than two dozen bills and measures to support our teachers and administrators, improve classroom instruction, and increase test scores and results. in a variety of subjects.

For the fourth year in a row, the Legislature passed a record-funding Education Trust Fund budget that, at $8.3 billion, makes historic investments in K-12 public schools, community colleges and four-year public institutions, and each of these record budgets have been implemented without having to declare the painful mid-year budget cuts known as proration.

It is important to note, in fact, that apportionment occurred on average every two years when Democrats controlled the Legislature, but as a result of responsible budgeting practices that have been put in place since then, apportionment has been avoided in each of the dozens of years. under Republican leadership. A generation of students and teachers will soon avoid experiencing the chaos that accompanies budget proration.

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