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The BRADFORD BRANCH of the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGE WOMEN we meet on Saturday April 9th ​​at the Church of the Nazarene.

After welcoming members and guests, Madeline Miles, vice president of programs, introduced Isabelle Champlin, who taught archeology and anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh in Bradford.

Over the years, Champlin has traveled the world to explore his passion for archaeology. In 2019 he participated in an archaeological field project on Easter Island, a Chilean territory located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is home to hundreds of enigmatic stone statues of human figures that have watched over the island’s landscape for hundreds of years. Champlin discussed the myths, theories and current research on the meaning of these iconic statues and the people who inhabited this mysterious and isolated island.

President Holly Spittler opened the business portion of the General Assembly by thanking the Hospitality Committee of Samila Sosic, Julie Stacey and Nancy Dryden. A motion to accept the list of officers as submitted by the Nominating Committee passed unanimously. Officers will be installed during the annual banquet in May and include President Patricia Stromberg; Recording Secretary Nancy Dryden; deputy treasurer Susan Hughes; and the show’s vice president, Madeline Miles. Faye Parisella will serve as Corresponding Secretary, handling Sunshine and Memorials for the coming year.

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