Clayton Theater partners to benefit the deaf in Ukraine | Lifestyle

Members of the Delaware Deaf Senior Citizens are partnering with the Clayton Theater in Dagsboro to raise funds to benefit the deaf in Ukraine.

Theater owner Joanne Howe has offered the organization the opportunity to raffle gift baskets and have a donation jar at each of the 11 performances of the Academy Award-winning film “CODA” beginning Friday, April 22 until Wednesday, April 2. 28

(For times and ticket prices, see Donations can be sent to Sherry Duhon, 38535 Oyster Catcher Drive, Ocean View, DE, 19970. Make checks payable to DDSC).

“CODA” won Best Picture at the Academy Awards this year, and deaf actor Troy Kotsur won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. “CODA” means “child of a deaf adult”.

White said Delaware Deaf Senior Citizens members hope to raise as much money as possible, “because the situation is so dire in Ukraine.”

“Whatever is raised may seem like a drop in the bucket, but every dollar helps. … The money raised will be sent to the World Federation of the Deaf. WFD is working directly with the Ukrainian Society for the Deaf and will send funds to them. WFD is a federation of more than 140 national associations of the deaf, including the Ukrainian Association of the Deaf. WFD works with the United Nations in refugee situations around the world. Sorenson Communications, a streaming video service, will match donations WFD receives for Ukraine,” he said.

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