Clarinda Board Endorses Special Education Plan Review Committee | News

(Clarinda) — As the district seeks to complete the state requirements for its special education plan, the Clarinda School District has selected its plan review committee.

Meeting in regular session Wednesday night, the Clarinda School Board unanimously approved a review committee for the 2022-23 District Submitted Special Education Plan. Acting special education director Lance Ridgley says the review committee is simply the next step in the more extensive review process required by the state of Iowa. Ridgely says it was a collaboration between him and education staff members. to form the recommended committee.

“I talked to the special (education) teachers and asked for volunteers from their point of view as special (education) representatives,” Ridgely said. “And then I said ‘okay, who are those regular (education) teachers that we need to have, and who are those parents that would be a good part of the conversation.”

However, Ridgely says the committee is certainly not set in stone, adding that she would welcome any input from the board, specifically regarding parent input.

Additionally, Ridgely says the committee serves as an outside perspective on the proposed plan for the upcoming school year.

“Internally, we evaluated it, made some adjustments, and now we’re bringing in outside eyes to look at it,” Ridgely said. “So instead of having to digest all the material, they can just look at the overview and say how this works, what do you think, what adjustments do we need to make. And there will be a point where we have to present it to the community and say ‘if there’s someone else who would like to respond or talk about this, this is their mechanism to do so.'”

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