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Kathryn Mitcham, Training and Development Manager for Nulo, joined Studio 512 co-host Stephanie Gilbert to discuss the company’s approach to pet nutrition, its most popular diets/recipes, and what the future holds.

Tell us about Nulo’s approach to pet nutrition and how it sets Nulo apart from the rest.

“Nulo’s nutritional philosophy plays a critical role in allowing us to balance the nutritional needs of pets with the functional solutions pet owners seek. Our formulas are designed with a high proportion of protein from animal (vs. plant) sources, are low in carbohydrates, and contain low-glycemic carbohydrate sources.”

“In addition, our products are enhanced with functional ingredients that support gut, immune, and skin and coat health. Nulo’s diets, along with our active lifestyle approach, are crucial in the battle against pet obesity and related nutrition issues. This results in healthier pets, safer pet owners, and a nutritional philosophy that drives our innovation across multiple food formats, packaging types, and demographics.”

What are the most popular diets offered by Nulo?

“Nulo’s legacy dry dog ​​food is our best-selling category overall. There are several factors that explain this, including the fact that kibble continues to hold the majority of market demand as a popular staple food. Nulo’s premium meat-based recipes offer complete and balanced daily nutrition in a convenient, shelf-stable format, while incorporating functional elements like viable probiotics and other ingredients like Miscanthus herb and prebiotic inulin that support gut health.

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