Cash is a royal gift

For those of you who celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful, holy and safe Christmas day.

You’ve heard me say “Cash is King” forever in this column, because studies show that people who use cash for discretionary spending spend less. This is because cash is an object that connects you to your hard-earned money, unlike cards, which are not your hard-earned money. They are more of a concept. They only represent money. In addition, studies show that it is difficult to “impulse buy” with cash, but not so much with a card.

That said, cash is the gift that gives the recipient the ultimate in flexibility and ensures that you get a gift that you will be 100% satisfied with and will definitely enjoy. It should be clear to all of us, given return rates, that giving gifts, no matter how well-intentioned, unless you bought something the person specifically requested (model, color, size, etc.), is not always effective, so why not give cash as a gift?

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