Bringing pets together one facial scan at a time

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Petco Love Lost is a relatively new technology that uses facial recognition technology and works like a database, much like one for lost and missing children.

WACO, Texas — Losing a pet at any time can be scary, but never getting it back can be even worse, which is why Petco Love Lost hopes to reunite families with their lost pets, but needs your help to do so.

“There is no central system for posting lost and found pets and trying to bring them home and that is exactly what we are trying to create,” said Chelsea Staley with Petco Love Lost. “It’s a virtual telephone pole, the only national database for lost and found pets.”

Staley also said that Texas, like other states, has a 48-hour hold on dogs, but no hold on feral cats. That means cats brought to the shelter could very well be immediately adopted.

“In Texas, the name of the game is transportation, right? Which means we’re sending as many animals up north where they don’t have as much animal census as here, which means if you lost your dog today or your cat today, In five days I could be in New York City,” Staley said. “So we want to have this national platform if your pet gets into an animal shelter and is transferred somewhere else, you still have a fighting chance to get that pet back.”

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