Benefits of Asthma Self-Management Education

If you live with asthma, you are well aware of the impact it has on your life. If your asthma isn’t controlled as well as you’d like, you probably wish things were different.

Asthma education can make a difference.

The unknown can seem intimidating, but enriching your understanding of asthma allows you to take control of your condition. It can help in many ways, such as motivating you to stay on track with proper medication adherence.

Increasing your own knowledge also allows you to educate family, friends, and other members of your support system.

Investigate shows that asthma education in adults can also reduce the frequency of emergency room visits and hospital admissions.

To meet the need for better educational resources on asthma, the American Lung Association created the “Breathe Well, Live Well” self-management program for adults with asthma.

In honor of Asthma Awareness Month, Healthline asked the experts at the American Lung Association, including Barbara Kaplan and Jasmine Sturdivant, both leaders of the organization’s Asthma Programs, learn more about this program. This is what they had to say.

In 2002, the American Lung Association identified a gap in nationally available asthma self-management education (SME) programs for adults. Much of the focus of asthma education was on children, but nothing was available for adults.

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