Attack on public education a threat to democracy

One hundred and two years ago, when women gained the right to vote, the League of Women Voters was founded to empower voters and defend democracy. The League’s first convention in 1920 voted on 69 separate items as statements of principle and recommendations for legislation. Not surprisingly, education, child welfare, and public health were among our top topics then and now.

This last year, more than ever, our public education has been and continues to be under attack, which is a threat to democracy. High-quality public schools are vital to preserving democracy, which requires an educated citizenry who votes thoughtfully and responsibly, discerning fact from opinion and acknowledging reliable sources of information. High-quality schools engage our children to become critical thinkers and critical consumers of information. We want all of our students to grow up to be active participants in democracy, enabling them to examine our country’s past, think critically about our present, and make informed decisions about our future.