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Last weekend, the Nature Coast Community Band welcomed one of their own, Alfred E. Sergei III, as its new director, who has been a member of the NCCB since 2018.

A distinguished percussionist, he has been teaching music for over 50 years at all levels during his career. A composer of published music of over 50 solos and ensembles, his latest work, “March for Unsung Heroes”, premiered in May 2021 by the NCCB.

Many volunteers help make NCCB happen. Some of the volunteers and their duties include the following:

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  • Diane Woodley creates and designs the show’s cover.
  • Emily Reisdorf (clarinet) copies and prepares music folders for musicians.
  • Jim Enoch (euphonium) makes sure safety and security are a priority.
  • Jim Davis (bass) works with Doreen Morgan (narrator) composing the narrative for each performance.
  • David Morgan (percussion) is the sound engineer and creates concert recordings.
  • Walter Wolfe and Tom Markey work with volunteer ushers.
  • Pat Johnson (saxophone and treasurer) keeps the website up to date. She is the band’s proofreader and works with Judy Williams as librarians for over 800 titles.
  • Tim Brown makes sure the staging trailer is packed, set, and on time.
  • Susan Mahoney (clarinet) handles advertising, both print and electronic.
  • Al Sergei III (conductor) leads the musicians through weekly rehearsals and performances.

Surprisingly, the musicians are between 16 and 93 years old.

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