Are you traveling with your furry friend? These are the top 10 pet-friendly airports in the US.

Are you traveling with your furry friend? These are the top 10 pet-friendly airports in the US. 81 TLMWDMYOLVHHLOVQBYKFMJW4NA

There are now many pet-friendly airports, but taking your favorite furry friend on a trip can still be stressful.

While pet resting areas have popped up everywhere, thanks to federal regulation, there are some airports that have gone to great lengths to make life easier for people who have service animals or just like to bring their pet Travel.

updated points Rated airports that exceeded expectations when it comes to traveling with a pet.

Because having pet areas is part of a federal regulation, airports did not receive points simply for complying with the service animal portion. Instead, they were awarded points based on quality of amenities, pet-friendly amenities like fully fenced dog parks, water fountains and room to run, as well as on-site boarding facilities.


Here are the top 10 ranked airports when it comes to accommodating pets during travel:

1. John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

With a rating of 10, JFK has more to offer those traveling with pets. In Terminal 5, a large terrace features tables and chairs on a 4,000-square-foot outdoor garden patio, also known as a “wooftop.”

Another eight terminals have access to pet rest areas once you pass through security.

In Terminal 8, American Airlines created a pet lounge on the departure level that has a 1,000-square-foot area of ​​natural grass.

2. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

You’ll find an indoor post-security relief area in each lobby, along with a pre-security dog ​​park that spans 1,000 square feet. The fully fenced area has benches and biodegradable bags.

It also has a 24/7 on-site boarding center, Pet Paradise, so you don’t have to leave them until the last minute and can see them as soon as you get home.

3. Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)

Three post-security areas have places for pets to take potty breaks, drink water and stretch their legs.


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