Android Watch Popularity

The Android watch gain popularity

Unlike the smartphone or tablet, the Android watch Popularity hasn’t taken off as fast as tech companies Hope for. The smartwatch has existed in some form or the other since the early nineteen eighties. But It took off after the launch and success of the affordable pebble smartwatch.

The One Thing that’s very important for me is the battery life; because I hate to have to charge my device more than once a day or two.  The second is the Bluetooth 5 option is a Must-have. For me. Finally, the Display and ease of use of the interface. I have Big figures and I find it difficult to interact with some Smartwatch.

Enter the Android Smartwatch:  I like running and a huge motivation boost as for me that I can track my activity with my watch, Follow the path I have taken with the onboard GPS and so on. Also, I don’t have to bring my smartphone with me on my running activities.  I Really enjoy the NFC for payments,  When your hands are full, Being able to pay with the flick of the wrist Is a great bonus for me.

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