Alcoa Board of Education calls for change to Fund 177 that channels property taxes only to Blount County Schools | News

Alcoa City Schools Director Becky Stone told her school board this week, “I’m getting ready to kick up a ruckus,” and when she explained why she endorsed it.

During a work session of the Alcoa Board of Education on MondayApril 11Stone shared a presentation from City Manager Mark Johnson on the impact of Fund 177, a portion of the county’s property taxes that goes only to Blount County schools, not city districts.

“We’re starting to lose a lot of money every year from this fund,” Stone told the board.

While most of the money specified directly for education under Blount County property taxes is split between BCS, Maryville City Schools and ACS based on attendance figures, as of 2016 a portion was set aside just for capital projects in county schools.

The amount started as 4 cents per $100 of assessed value in 2016 and rose to 14 cents in 2019. If the Blount County Commission maintains the same rate, BCS would receive an estimated $6.22 million from Fund 177 in the 2022 school year. -2. 3. , although city residents also pay that tax.

During the regular board meeting Tuesday, Stone said that if the money earmarked for BCS under the 177 Fund since 2016 had been split, ACS would have received nearly $2.6 million and Maryville City Schools $6.8 million.

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