A RECIPE TO HELP CANCER AND GERIATRIC PETS 81 North American Veterinary Community

Acupuncture for geriatric patients, cancer treatments that start with herbs and nutrition, and alternative treatments for common neurological conditions are among the topics that veterinarians from around the world will learn from veterinary experts during the Level Up: Integrator Medicine” virtual summit, hosted by the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC), on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 19 and 21

“As many people are open to integrative medicine to treat diseases in humans, the same approaches are now being applied to help our pets live longer and enjoy a better quality of life,” he said. dana varble, DVM, CAE, NAVC Veterinary Director. “The Level Up Virtual Summits are another example of how NAVC is opening the door for veterinary professionals around the world to learn about advances in animal health care that can be immediately used in their practices.”

Acupuncture offers an alternative treatment option for geriatric patients where conventional treatments may be difficult. During the session “Integrative Approach to the Geriatric Patient”, Huisheng XieBSvm, MS, PhD, professor at Chi University and professor emeritus at the University of Florida and the China Agricultural University, will discuss how acupuncture can relieve pain, relieve other diseases and prolong the life of an animal with better quality of life.

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