6 Advice Podcasts for Navigating the Oddities of Daily Life | Lifestyle

American life is largely returning to what it was in early 2020, with even the most COVID-wary states rolling back their restrictions. Although the return to normality is a relief, the abrupt change is unsettling for many. After two years of clear guidelines and restrictions, we all have to figure out how to be people in the world again.

Fortunately, there is a whole category of podcasts dedicated to just that topic. Covering sex and dating, office politics, family dynamics, and table manners, these six shows will help you navigate the oddities of daily life.

‘Were you raised by wolves?’

This light-hearted etiquette podcast is packed with useful advice, but it also makes listening easy thanks to the relationship between the hosts, journalist Nick Leighton and comedian Leah Bonnema. Each episode is highly structured, usually starting with an “amuse-bouche,” which is a snappy explanation of a strict rule, like which way you should pass the dishes at a dinner party (counterclockwise, for your information). Leighton and Bonnema then delve into a more nuanced topic, such as tipping, table manners, or entertainment, and answer questions submitted by listeners. The show also features several recurring segments, such as “Vent or Repent,” where the hosts can rant about an etiquette violation they’ve recently experienced or confess to one they’ve committed.

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