5 Strategies a Personal Finance Guru Used to Overhaul Her Own Finances

  • Tonya Rapley is a personal finance author and speaker with a long history of building wealth of her own.
  • Ten years ago, Rapley had a credit score in the low 500 range, consumer debt and little savings.
  • He focused on financial stability, changed careers, and started investing to get to where he is today.
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Tonya Rapley is the founder and CEO of my fabulous financesa seven-figure financial education company and lifestyle blog that he has been building for the last eight years.

Rapley, dubbed a “millennial money expert,” often appears on stage and television screens Speaking of financial education. But his current success was not without its challenges.

After leaving a physically, emotionally and financially abusive relationship a decade ago, Rapley decided improve your credit score and get out of debt.

His first goal was to increase his credit from the low 500 range to the high 600 range, and within six months he was able to improve his credit score by 180 points and begin other wealth-building goals. Rapley shared five strategies he used to transform his finances over the past decade.

1. You set realistic goals and approached your finances with a plan

Rapley researched and learned about effective wealth building strategies that made sense for her current situation at the time.

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