4 ways to save money buying a brazier

Backyard fire pits are fun, but some can get expensive.

Brian Bennett/CNET

Courtyard campfires they can enhance home life and recreation, but some of them are hard to afford. an elite gas model it can cost you thousands, and “smokeless” wood burning fire pits aren’t cheap either. Flagship models from the two most popular smokeless fire pit brands, breeo and single stovecosts $500 or more.

So what if you want an advanced outdoor fireplace without burning through your budget? There are a few steps you can take to be more frugal when shopping for a fire pit. Here are my personal recommendations.

Consider a slightly smaller hole

Bigger is often better, but not always. review the Breeo X Series 19-Inch Smokeless Fire Pit, for example. Sure, the inner diameter of this model is a little smaller than the 24-inch X-seriesbut it’s also $230 less and offers the same smokeless performance and cooking abilities as its big brother.

I’m going with the $245 Single Stove Fire Pit generate similar savings. Its 19.5-inch outside diameter is smaller than the 27-inch one. Yukon individual stove. However, the Yukon is $485, which is $240 more.

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