3 Reasons My Husband and I Have Monthly Budget Meetings

The couple discusses finances in the living room with a laptop and charts.

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Our finances improve significantly with our monthly budget meeting.

Key points

  • My husband and I discuss our budget monthly.
  • These monthly meetings help us to be accountable.
  • We are also on the same page about our expenses.

Once a month, my husband and I have a meeting scheduled to review our family budget. While this may not be the most fun way to spend a night, it did help us avoid money fights and maximize our chances of achieving our shared financial goals.

So why are these meetings so beneficial? Here are three key reasons why discussing our budget on a monthly basis is important to us.

1. Monthly meetings help us stay accountable

One of the biggest benefits of meeting to discuss our budget each month is that we both feel more responsible for our spending. When we have our monthly meeting, we take a look at how close we’ve stuck to our budgeted numbers over the course of the month.

While we never get mad or blame each other if something comes up and we go over budget, knowing that there will be an upcoming discussion about how we did with our spending goals makes us both want stick to our planned spending limits so we can report positive news during the budget meeting.

2. We can be on the same page about goals.

Another great benefit of a monthly budget meeting is that we have the opportunity to discuss the goals we are working towards.

a big part of the reason why budgeting is because we want to avoid credit card debt and we have certain financial goals that we’re working toward. By making sure we’re all excited about these goals and have a shared plan to achieve them, we can better prioritize our spending and saving in a way that makes sense to both of us.

Since we focus our budgeting efforts not on the short-term sacrifices we’re making, but on long-term progress in doing the things we want to do with our money, taking the time to discuss our goals also makes living within it worthwhile. our budget. . reviewing why we limit certain expenses and seeing how much closer we get to achieving our goals excites us about sticking to our budget for the next month.

3. We can make the necessary adjustments for the next expenses

Finally, the last great benefit of our monthly budget meetings is that we have the opportunity to make sure that our budget evolves to meet the needs of our lives today.

For most people, it’s difficult or even impossible to meet the exact same spending limits every month. Life changes big and small, like rising inflation, a change in travel time, job changes, or adding a new child, may require budgeting adjustments.

Because we both want to make sure we’re on the same page about how we’ll handle these changes, and we don’t want to be caught off guard by unexpected expenses, our budget meetings provide an ideal time to plan ahead.

If you and your spouse are having trouble sticking to a budget, or if you want to start working together on managing money more effectively, these three benefits of monthly budget meetings may convince you to try them for yourself. Once you start having them, you’ll be amazed at how positive the impact is, both on your financial life and on your communication around money issues.

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