3 Money Conversations You Shouldn’t Avoid With Your Friends

  • Avoiding difficult conversations about money can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.
  • Talking about the bill at brunch or the expense of attending a friend’s wedding can be awkward.
  • Asking for separate checks at the beginning of a meal and being upfront with your budget might help.
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We’ve all been there: the nervous shuffling of credit cards and Venmo QR codes that happens right after the waiter brings the check at the end of a meal with friends.

If you’re the friend who consciously skips the appetizers and drinks, but still gets upset because the group wants split the bill equallyyour silence could cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.

We spoke with a financial therapist to find solutions to some of the most common and uncomfortable money conversations millennials and Gen Z avoid.

“Communication is key,” says Aja Evans, a financial therapist who works with laurel road. “If something could potentially lead to a fight, you probably need to have a conversation about it when tempers aren’t high, when everyone is in a calm, neutral place to have those conversations.”

Here are three common and awkward money conversations between friends, and how to navigate them.

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